Football is Back

CFL fans in Edmonton were treated to great weather on Sunday as the Eskimos beat the Lions 22-7 in the first preseason game of 2019.

Football in May is a bit weird but it was gorgeous! Shout out to Canadian Football Podcast Network members, the Eskimo Empire Podcast for another great tailgate. It was great to chat with Karen from the Alberta Podcast Network too!

It sure seems like football games have become more of a social event than a sporting event for me but I promise I watched the game!

Preseason games are really just glorified scrimmages as an extension to training camp and Sunday was no different. Let’s rifle through some of my thoughts on the game..

  • How many players did the Eskimos dress?! Looked like an NCAA-sized roster out there.
  • It didn’t take long for free agent addition “The President” Don Unamba to make an impact, picking off Lions backup quarterback hopeful Ricky Lloyd on the first play of the game. Check out the latest Eskimo Empire Podcast to find out how he earned his nickname from Jerry Glanville.
  • The BC Lions special teams was on display in this one, both the good and the bad. Shakeir Ryan scored BC’s only touchdown on a 63-yard punt return but the real story was how bad their coverage teams were.
  • Robinson ended up with 106 yards on 5 returns and Joshua Stangby added another 74-yard punt return. Edmonton’s return game has been a black hole since Gizmo Williams retired nearly twenty years ago so this was a welcome sight for sore eyes. Could it be a sign of things to come?
  • Does anyone else read the road as “AHEAD STOP” instead of “STOP AHEAD”?
  • Has anyone ever had a bad quarter pounder from McDonald’s?
  • Both the Lions and the Eskimos seem like teams that would be in deep trouble if either Mike Reilly or Trevor Harris go down to injury. Come to think of it, which teams are in decent shape if their starting quarterback goes down? Winnipeg definitely tops the list there.
  • Edmonton’s offensive line looks like they need more time to gel as they gave up a lot of pressure on Sunday. Hopefully SirVincent Rogers is back sooner rather than later.
  • Overall I liked BC’s new home uniforms but the numbers were a bit tough to read from the upper deck for a old guy like me.
  • The highlight of the game for me was Almondo Sewell‘s highlight reel catch on the Eskimos sideline after an Esks quarterback threw the ball away. Great hands, Mondo!

The next preseason game comes on Thursday as the Argos host the Als at Varsity Stadium. The Stamps and Riders play the first televised preseason game this Friday.

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