Alouettes Parts Ways with Mike Sherman

I won’t pretend that I know when the perfect time to part ways with a CFL head coach is but I’m going to take a wild guess and guess that less than a week before the regular season gets underway is not ideal.

Jones is Montreal’s 7th head coach since 2013

Jones had some good times as a quarterback in the CFL but he has some CFL coaching experience under his belt spending the better part of the last decade with Hamilton, Saskatchewan, BC, and as of last year, Montreal.

Let’s hope, for his sake, that the locker room is a fan of this move.

More than one source has said that the players were not fans of Sherman at all, saying that he was “grinding too hard” at training camp. The tension was clear during Thursday’s RedBlacks and Alouettes preseason broadcast on TSN. It looked like the veteran players on the sideline had more control of the team than Sherman did.

I’m not sure that Sherman ever did have control of the Alouettes or the situation. He blew the Johnny Manziel situation last year, it seemed like he didn’t have what it took to connect with today’s player and he sure didn’t have a grasp of the Canadian rules…or Canadian headsets for that matter.

Sherman’s dismissal means that all three former NFL head coaches from last year are out of the CFL: Marc Trestman, June Jones, and Mike Sherman.

This hire was questionable from the start and that’s on general manager Kavis Reed, who doesn’t seem to have very many fans in the organizaton either. Did he really think Sherman was a long term solution?

While TSN’s Dave Naylor is led to believe that this move has nothing to do with the pending ownership change, names like Glen Constantin and Danny Maciocia have been tossed around.

If I’m the Als, I do what it takes to get Paul LaPolice or Mike O’Shea from the Bombers. It’s the final year of O’Shea’s contract and with the new football operations cap, it may be difficult for Winnipeg to keep both coaches.

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