On the record…Finally

                Every year, Travis and I decide to pick the finishing order for the regular season, the Grey Cup matchup, and the eventual Grey Cup champion.  Don’t worry, we did the same thing this year but with a slight change, we’re actually going to document them so we can make fun of one another when Montreal wins the Grey Cup in November.  I know it’s foolish to make predictions like this before the games have even started. So many things can go terribly wrong from injuries, to poor coaching decisions, and of course, Kavis Reed that makes this effort seem ridiculous come week 2, but we did it anyway!

Travis                    Tyrell


Hamilton              Hamilton

Toronto                Toronto

Ottawa                 Montreal

Montreal             Ottawa


Winnipeg             Calgary

Calgary                 Winnipeg

BC                           Edmonton

Edmonton           BC

Saskatchewan   Saskatchewan

Grey Cup

Winnipeg over Hamilton


Ty – Andrew Harris

Travis – Bo Levi Mitchell

                There’s not a lot of differences between our picks other than for the winner of the MOP.  Either guy could carry their team to the promised land but I just feel that this is the year Andrew Harris flirts with the first 1000/1000 season late into the year.  For the east division, we both agreed that Hamilton will be clear and away the best team and win the division but the other 3 teams could easily finish in any order.  In the West, we both agreed that this is the year Winnipeg gets over the hump and ends their Grey Cup drought.  Again the top 4 in the west could probably finish in almost any order depending on how BC and Edmonton start the year after the huge roster turnover on the offensive side of the ball.  All that being said, I don’t think anyone is surprised by our picks to put Saskatchewan in 5th and miss the playoffs.  After last year’s season of the defence being basically the only reason they won 12 games, we didn’t see how that could possibly happen again, but hey we’ve been wrong before

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