Simoni Lawrence Appeals Suspension; Commissioner Responds

Following Monday’s suspension for Simoni Lawrence’s hit on Zach Collaros last Thursday, everyone had a hunch that Lawrence would appeal the decision.

Wednesday, the formal appeal came.

Then the CFL did something that we have never seen before. They released a statement to express their disappointment in the CFLPA for deciding to challenge the CFL and their attempt to suspend Lawrence.


Ambrosie seems to be playing the court of public opinion here by trying to look like the good guy that is fighting for player safety. It’s a genius play after the owners tried to pull a fast one on the players union as the collective bargaining agreement expired back in May.

The CFLPA is in a tough spot. How do they fight for Zach Collaros, who was put on the six-game injured list after the hit, while they represent Simoni Lawrence, who has never been suspended before?

It’s clear that the league is trying to make an example out of Lawrence to try and keep the stars of the league healthy but why don’t all players receive the same protection?

Delvin Breaux and Cory Greenwood were both fined following unnecessary hits in Week 1 while Jonathan Rose was allowed to play in the Grey Cup after pushing an official in last year’s East Final.

Don’t William Powell, Mossis Madu and all CFL officials deserve the same protection as quarterbacks?

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