Revenge Week

Week 13 comes at us with 2 rematches, a chance for redemtion and an opportunity for a team to stay relevant in the standings

Montreal hasn’t beat BC at home since 2014 but with the way the seasons are going for each team, the Als have a real good shot at ending that streak. The Argos travel to Ottawa and sit 4 points behind them in the standings in last place in the East. MBT has put up some gawdy numbers this season but hasn’t been able to deliver in the clutch and get the wins. When I said “stay relevant”, I really just meant a chance at not being in dead last place.

The Banjo Bowl should have some antimosity after the labour day game last sunday. Mike O’Shea was livid after Rempel was injured on a punt and it seemed to spill over to the end of the game. With playing a team back to back and it being for 1st in the west, this should be hard hitting, physical game.

Trevor Harris and the Eskimos are back home for the rematch against the Stampeders. Harris is 0-8-2 in his career agaisnt the Stampeders which doesn’t bode well for his team in the West. BLM won his 6th straight labour day game and looks to be back to his old self and finds his team in an unfamiliar 3rd place in the west. Calgary has already won the season series but Edmonton will be looking to rebound after the lowest scoring output of their season and keep a stranglehold on the crossover spot.

QBStarts Vs.Pts/StartCareer Avg.Cost$/pts
M. Bethel-Thompson131.516.9$9,334$296.32
M. Reilly1123.420.8$9,193$392.86
C. Streveler118.922.7$7,463$394.87
B.L. Mithcell1517.917.4$9,533$532.57
T. Harris1015.318.7$11,784$770.20
C. Fajardo112.820.3$8,080$398.03
D. Davis212.413.1$5,887$474.76
J. Jennings115.816.7$5,230$313.17
A. Pipkin12.713.1$5,613$428.47
D. O’Brien0020.2$5,000$247.52
V. Adams Jr. 0022.6$10,066$445.40
RBGames Vs.Pts/GameCareer Avg.Cost$/pts
W. Powell722.416.4$9,571$427.28
J. Johnson217.913.9$6,013$335.92
J. Augustine114.55.5$4,500$818.18
K. Carey114.312.4$5,385$376.57
J. Wilder Jr.312.815.3$8,941$698.52
CJ Gable912.614$8,103$643.10
C. Rainey711.311.7$5,584$494.16
J. White710.811.6$6,617$612.69
S. Logan1210.19$2,943$291.39
W. Stanback19.212.3$8,279$899.89
T. Willimas48.19.5$5,240$646.91
M. Madu77.312.1$6,339$868.36
B. Rutley15.69.7$4,464$797.14
C. Jones53.55.6$3,007$859.14
M. Thigpen1139.5$3,815$1,271.67
R. Stone21.62.8$2,500$1,562.50
M. Miller211.5$2,500$2,500.00
J. Crockett009.2$5,005$544.02
D. Mackie002$2,500$1,250.00
W. Moore005.6$2,500$446.43
WRGames Vs.Pts/GameCareer Avg.Cost$/pts
R. Begelton41913.3$9,896$520.84
K. Lawler116.77.2$2,500$347.22
SJ Green1116.412.7$7,023$428.23
N. Roosevelt1014.413$5,409$375.63
B. Burnham714.313$8,797$615.17
D. Walker213.817.7$9,029$654.28
G. Ellingson1213.414.1$8,289$587.87
E. Arceneaux1913.312.9$3,534$265.71
A. Edwards411.912.1$6,700$563.03
D. Posey211.711.6$6,338$541.71
E. Rogers411.415.2$6,795$596.05
C. Holley411.18.6$3,282$295.68
R. Collins 710.610.1$7,355$693.87
K. Stafford1010.48.1$4,785$460.10
D. Adams1210.012.6$6,245$624.50
D. Daniels19.814.5$8,430$860.20
D. Wolitarsky38.98.0$3,730$419.10
L. Whitehead18.710.8$3,743$428.26
R. Simonise18.42.4$2,500$297.62
K. Moore48.411.8$6,513$775.36
D. Petermann28.44.1$2,500$609.76
R. Lankford58.37.8$4,001$482.05
D. Rhymes28.18$5,869$724.57
E. Lewis27.69.6$7,065$929.61
T. Smith27.67.2$3,374$443.95
N. Demski36.97.2$4,588$664.93
RJ Harris26.810.1$6,355$934.56
S. Evans46.59.9$7,168$1,102.77
H. Mayala16.45.2$2,500$390.63
L. Durant35.97.3$4,611$781.53
N. Adjei45.85.1$3,677$633.97
S. Johnson45.75.3$2,918$511.93
N. Demski45.77.1$4,333$760.18
M. Ambles25.510.8$4,453$809.64
B. Sinopoli135.411.1$6,273$1,161.67
J. Ralph14.45$2,784$632.73
R. Sindani34.14.1$2,500$609.76
N. Behar13.83.7$2,500$657.89
D. Carter53.412.3$3,486$1,025.29
J. Mcinnis133.3$2,500$833.33
F. Faubert-Lussier22.92.3$2,500$1,086.96
S. Moore42.82.4$2,500$1,041.67
M. Dubois12.81$2,500$892.86
R. Smith11.87.4$4,254$2,363.33
J. Grant11.47.9$2,500$316.46
M. Klukas21.23.5$2,500$2,083.33
F. Richarte000$2,500$0.00
J. Cottoy006$2,500$416.67
Q. Bray0011.3$4,162$368.32
J. Wieneke007.8$2,885$369.87
K. Julien-Grant000$2,500$0.00
S. Ryan008$2,500$0.00
K. Gittens Jr.002.1$2,500$1,190.48
R. Araujo-Lopes0011.7$2,500$213.68
W. Lewis000$2,500$0.00
J. Scarfone001.7$2,500$1,470.59
B. Lenuis000.8$2,500$3,125.00
C. Nelson00.05.1$2,500$0.00

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