2 and Out Live: Cowtown

With the 107th Grey Cup in Calgary fast approaching, 2 and Out is announcing that we will have our second live show on Thursday, November 21st at Bookers BBQ Grill and Crab Shack. (Check out their apperance on Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here”….HERE)

The scene from the first live show in Edmonton

Tickets are $15 and ON SALE NOW. Your ticket price includes your first drink and a donation to CFL Fans Fight Cancer who is raising money for Wellspring Calgary this year. Bookers will extend happy hour prices to everyone with a ticket too!

Could this be the scene in Calgary?

You already know that Travis Currah defeated Zack Evans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in a perogy eating competition at the first live show in Edmonton.

This year it’s all about the Alberta Beef in Cowtown. Currah will be hitting the stage to take on Falyn Heck, the general manager of Bookers, in a brisket eating competition. Could Zack return to the fold and knock Travis from his pedestal? Stay tuned!

Alberta Podcast Network member Ryan Sanderson of the Eat More Barbecue Podcast will emcee the event too!

Secure your tickets for 2 and Out Live here and you can RSVP on Facebook here.

UPDATE: Just got word that we’re nearing 90% sold!

See you in Calgary!

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