Cody Fajardo Puts Pen to Paper

Cody Fajardo signed a one-year contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders before the season with hopes of locking down the number two quarterback job.

Well, three plays into the season Simoni Lawrence hit Zach Collaros and it’s been Fajardo’s team ever since. Now, it’s going to be his team through the 2021 season.

In 16 games this season Fajardo has thrown for 3,873 yards and 16 touchdowns but he’s also added 610 rushing yards as well as 10 rushing scores.

It’s a reasonable contract for a franchise guy and significantly less than what BC and Calgary will be paying their starting quarterbacks in the coming years so Saskatchewan is in good shape on that front too.

Make no mistake about it though. The Riders got lucky when it came to discovering Fajardo. He spent time with the Argos and Lions before sticking in Regina and coming into his own this season. At a time when it seems to be tougher and tougher to find quality quarterbacks, the Riders have been unable to develop from within since Darian Durant started having injury problems in 2014.

Fajardo was “sprinkled” into their laps and I’m sure they aren’t complaining.

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