Could the season really be in jeopardy?

With the announcement on Tuesday that the CFL is delaying the start of training camp due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s looking more and more like the start of the 2020 CFL season could easily be delayed.

The regional combines were cancelled and the global draft was pushed back to coincide with the opening of training camps but now that ship has sailed, so you have to think that both drafts are dangerously close to being put off themselves. CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie has said in an interview last week that “we haven’t decided yet on a go, no-go date … (but) we know it’s out there.”

By now they have to have a date in mind and it has to be approaching quickly. The pre-season games will for sure be the next domino to fall and with no signs of the COVID-19 curve being flattened anytime soon, the entire season could easily be at risk.

As I write this, Toronto mayor John Tory has banned gatherings of more than 50 people until at least June 30, so the decision to delay the start of the season may be out of the CFL’s hands now. That ban does not include sports events, however, the City of Calgary announced a ban on all public events of more than 15 people until June 30 as well and that ban would include sports events, should the league decide to start the season before the end of June. The more cities that hand out this kind of ban, the closer we get to a suspended season.

Let’s cross our fingers for some football but at this point, it is looking pretty bleak.

On a lighter note: In order to pass the time while riding out the pandemic, CFL QBs have been issuing the Foot Bounce internet challenge, on how many times they can, essentially, dribble a football. Trevor Harris got things started with 14 in the 15 second time limit. CFL passing leader Cody Fajardo, Als starter Vernon Adams, Jr. and the Ticats’ Dane Evans all had 17 and Hall of Famer Doug Flutie even got in on the action with 16.

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