Quaranstats – A look at QBs in the 2016 season

                Long time, no see!  It’s been a while since I’ve logged on here to post something and after sitting at home for almost a month minus a few work days, I figured it would be fitting to actually do something with all the stats that I’ve accumulated since the CFL Fantasy game started in 2016.  I don’t profess to be and expert, I just follow the numbers and relay the message to you, the listeners, and then inevitably get blamed for losses or my line up gets made fun of because I barely break 80 points.  But hey, numbers never lie!!!

                I decided it would be a good idea, which it was not, to compile stats for each individual year and find the top 5 fantasy performances for QB, RB, and WR.  It was really a labour of love because let’s face it, I’m a nerd and love doing anything on excel, and it helps to pass the time until it’s socially acceptable to pour a rye and coke and start playing online poker.  I started with QB’s and it didn’t exactly produce to results I was expecting.  We’ve all come to expect Mike Reilly to score 40pts a night and cost $14000 to put in your lineup, which I could never justify and now I feel validated in the decision.

#5.  Mike Reilly, Wk 12 vs. Calgary, 35.0pts

                The annual labour day rematch DID NOT disappoint.  62 total points, a 2nd half comeback, and double OT.  Although the Eskimos didn’t come away with the win, we started to see the fantasy production that would lead to the inflated salary on the website.  35/45 432yds, 2TD, 12 carries for 37yds, 1TD.  Those numbers included a 104yd TD pass to Derel Walker and his rushing TD was the first score of the OT period.

#4.  Zach Collaros, Wk 9 vs. Saskatchewan, 35.2pts

                I’m sure this loss for the Riders was probably blamed on Darian Durant.  His stat line wasn’t flattering to say the least and when compared to the numbers Zach put up, it made it look even worse #Durantsfault.  Zach Collaros WENT OFF.  23/30 381yds and 5 TD.  Yes, 5 TDs and only places 4th on the list of top scores.  Brandon Banks caught the longest pass of the game, a 58yd TD pass in the 2nd quarter and the Ti-Cats had a 27-4 lead at the half.  Only 3 of the 5 TDs came in the 1st half which somewhat makes the total of 5 a surprise with the big lead the TiCats had but you have to strike when the irons hot!

T-#2 Kevin Glenn, Wk 9 @ Ottawa, 35.4pts

                I didn’t believe it either!  How could Kevin Glenn be 3rd on this list?  There has to be a point in the game where he killed a drive with an interception.  I guess this is the exception that proves the rule.  25/30 382yds, 5TD, 0 INT, and 1yard on 1 carry.  His longest pass of the day, a 67 yard strike to Duron Carter of all people, went for a TD to extend the Als lead to 23-9.  The Als would keep piling on and end up winning 43-19.

T-#2 Henry Burris, Wk 17 @ Hamilton, 35.4pts

                A week 17 matchup for 1st place in the east, Hank against one of the franchises he “turned around”, and a close scoring game to boot.  Burris went 27/39 393yds, 1TD, and added 2TDs on the ground to lead the RedBlacks to a 30-29 win over the TiCats.  The RedBlacks would take a 3pt cushion in the East Division and hold on for the rest of the season before winning the Grey Cup in Toronto in November

#1 Jonathon Jennings, Wk 4 @ Saskatchewan, 38.2pts

                2-100 yard receivers, a comeback, and a career game for Jon Jennings.  JJ had a break out year to go along with the emergence of Bryan Burham in his first 1000 yard campaign in the CFL.  Jennings went 25/40 429yds, 3TD, and added 30yds on the ground with a rushing TD.  Shawn Gore and Burnham both had 100yd games and the Lions erased a 23-10 halftime deficit to win 40-27 aided by a 21pt 4th quarter.  This is the Jonathon Jennings we were hoping we would see more off that never really materialized consistently, unfortunately.  However, it was good enough for the highest QB fantasy score of the season.

                Hopefully this little read gave you something to do for 10 minutes during your day and take your mind off the craziness that is our lives right now.  Give me a few days and I’ll have the RB numbers put together and another list for your…”enjoyment”?? we’ll call it.  Be safe.  Cheers!

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