Quaranstats: Part 4 – A new Hope

You didn’t really think I would just stop once I completed the 2016 numbers did you?  How could I? I have all this information and I can only play so many video games in a day so why wouldn’t I keep going.  2017 can pretty much be described as a 1 man show at the QB position when I comes to fantasy football.  If only that translated to playoff success…well that or better coaching decisions.  I mean seriously, who kicks a FG down 7 with 1:56 to go in the West division Final, not that I’m pointing fingers or anything, but come on.

                With 3 of the top 5 fantasy scores, Mike Reilly really had a coming out party fantasy wise and his salary also showed that.  He started running up the salary chart until he settled at $14000/week which from what I could tell was the maximum they would go.  Now don’t get me wrong, looking at his numbers, it seemed to make sense.  He only had 4 games where he scored less than 20 points while he had 8 with over 25, 4 of which were over 30.  That’s all fine and dandy until you try to fill out the rest of your lineup and realize you’re taking a lot of big swings just hoping to hit on a $2500 player.

                #5 Mike Reilly, EDM, Wk. 6, Vs. BC.  33.6pts

                Vidal Hazelton, Brandon Zylstra, and Duke Williams all had over 100 yards receiving, with 2TD, which were the three top receivers in the game.  With numbers like that for the WR, it was no surprise that Mike Reilly put up a high score in this one.  He was 24/33, 412yds, 2TD, 2INT, and added 11yds on the ground with 2 more rushing TDs.   of Reilly’s TDs came in the 4th quarter.  Both of his rushing TDs were 1 yard QB Sneks and he added a 2pt convert pass to Hazelton to put the eskimos up 37-20 with just over 2 minutes to go in the game and sealing the victory, and the 5th highest score of the season.

                #4 Jeremiah Masoli, HAM, Wk. 19 @ Ottawa.  34.2pts

                If there’s one thing that Tiger-Cats fans are used to, it’s not having nice things.  I mean it’s great that they went 15-3 in 2019 but the grey cup still eluded them and of course, it’s been like 50 years since they hosted a grey cup.  This game was just another in a long line of disappoinments.  Hamilton would have a 19-3 lead half way through the 2nd quarter, and I know we continually say that no lead is safe but come on, you can’t get outscored 41-20 the rest of the way, the offense can only do so much.  Masoli wen t32/46 for 438yds and 4TD, and added 7yds on the ground.  The Ti-Cats would lose this one 41-36.

                #3 Kevin Glenn, SSK, Wk. 3 Vs. Hamilton.  34.4pts

                The future Hall of Famer, yes, my opinion has changed over the last couple years, put up a huge game early in the year…and proved that he doesn’t ALWAYS throw and ill timed interception.  32/43 380yds, 2TD, 1INT, and added 2 rush TDs on 12yds on the ground.  His interception came in the 1st quarter so he left a lot of time on the clock to erase that mishap and come out with the victory.  The Riders outscored Hamilton in 3 of the 4 quarters including a shutout in the 4th to seal the win.

                #2 Mike Reilly, EDM, Wk. 7 Vs. Hamilton.  35.8pts

                Remember earlier when I mentioned that Hamilton fans are used to not having nice things?  Well here’s some more evidence.  Not that they had a lead in this game and blew it, but they did get roasted by Mike Reilly, which if I’m being honest, became pretty common in 2017.  He had 317yards on 29 completions with 2TD and added another 2 rushing TD on 31yds.  The Esks outscored Hamilton in 2 of the 4 quarters and were able to tie the 4th to hold onto the victory after a late Ti-Cats TD to pull back within 5. 

                #1 Mike Reilly, EDM, Wk.18 @ BC.  38.0pts

                Mike Reilly became just the 6th QB to throw for at least 5000 yards in back to back seasons and in doing so, put up the high fantasy score of the season in this late season matchup against the Lions.  31/41 397yds, 2TD, and 2 Rushing TDs for Reilly in basically 2 quarters would help the Esks secure a victory.  After being shut out in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, the esks were able to fight back and force OT in Vancouver.  Reilly would find Cory Watson for a TD on the first series of OT and the Defense held off BC to win the game 35-29. 

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