What if we told you there was a recount?

Dear CFL fans,

I am writing you today to inform you that I am appealing the result of the CFL Timbit Challenge with Peter Dyakowski during 2 and Out LIVE: The Virtual Edition.

I wanted to wait until I consulted my legal team to make sure we had a rock solid case. A recount has been conducted and it’s clear that there was widespread Timbit fraud. Mail-in Timbits?! Can you believe it? Sad!

To judge for yourself, please view our evidence complete with a scoreboard below:

I demand that the CFL eating commission immediately declare me the winner and STILL undefeated during Grey Cup culinary competitions.

I know 2020 has been a difficult year for many and my ‘loss’ provided disappointment for dozens. I hope this result gives those people hope.

Travis Currah

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